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2017 June Bulgaria Fly/Guiding Trip.

Well today I got conformation that were back on for our Bulgaria holidays, we now have the main hotel to use and this is just 5 min walk away from the chair lift to launch, it's 1 min away from the main square where all the shops and restaurants are.
I used to go here twice a year for 2 and 3 weeks at a time teaching and running thermalling-xc clinics where all my clients broke there PB's, a bad days xc would be 50kms but we did a few 135kms out and return as well as some unbelievable triangles but most days were over 100kms.
The place we fly to is Sopot and my driver picks us up in his mini bus and takes us back to town, this drive is about 1:30 min. Flights here with wizair are return around £50.
Food here is peanuts and a night out with a starter-main-desert with a drink is around £5 a pint of beer is 40p.
The flying field is huge where we land and get the chair lift and great for ground handling, there is a paragliding shop there and restaurant, the chair lift ride takes 20 mins to take off and just scraps the tree line all the way up, once off the lift it's a 2 min walk to rig and go flying, the best way to explain the ridge is it's a 150 km Long Mynd.
There are some fantastic flights to do flying east (left of take off) to the fish restaurant where you can land in the field and choose your fish while it's swimming around and have it cooked fresh for you, I have been here and done this many times with the groups and it's totally unbelievable, we then have Mitco my driver come and pick us up and take us back.
So who is this trip for you may be thinking! As long as your CP rated it's for you, it's super safe easy flying and the take off is clean grass and so are the landings so your kit stays in good condition not like Spain etc where your kit gets very dirty and to be frank "DAMAGED".
If you want to get some hours airtime in learn how to thermal and learn to fly cross country and all cheap then pencil your name down as no deposits are needed until Feb 2017.
The holiday costs £580 per week and this includes airport transfers to and from Sopot airport + driver for the week + your hotel stay, all you need to pay for is food and drink and chair lift each time you wish to fly, this was around £3 last time.
Here are some pics from years gone by there.


The taster day is £150, that includes your bhpa insurance, and use of all our equipment. You will go from nothing to flying a paraglider on your own in just one day!

On your first day of paragliding we follow the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association's Elementary Pilot Certificate syllabus and get you up to a stage of flying on your own, at low level. It gives you a great insight into wheither you want to take up the hobby or not. If you deside you would like to do the full course to learn to fly, then the cost of your day taster will be deducted from that cost.

Payment can be made on the day.

Please contact Sian for all the information needed to book a day taster: sianleavesley@yahoo.com

We offer Paragliding tuition that will allow you to train / fly as safely as possible and to a British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) level and beyond. To fly by yourself without the supervision of a school and instructor, you need to complete the Elementary Pilot Certificate (EPC) and the Club Pilot (Novice) Certificate (CPC) on the Paraglider. This usually takes around 10 days to complete both the EPC and CPC certificates with us.

Once you have achieved the Paragliding Club Pilots Certificate (CPC) you are free to join your local club and fly ‘unsupervised’ while your a member of the BHPA and your local club.
From here you will need to find a coach who will be able to further your experience flying with others, and as Mark is the chief coach for the Long Mynd paragliding club he can do this free of charge, so we are always on hand to help you throughout your flying career.
Additionally, for third party insurance purposes there is a mandatory requirement to become a member of the BHPA before you can learn to fly. When you start a day taster, the BHPA daily membership fee is already included in the cost of your day. On a full course, you have two options on the EPC or CPC courses; 3 months membership at £77 or an annual cost of £121 (this includes an initial joining fee of £22). Membership is arranged on your first day of training (as part of the administration steps).

Ok so cost for the EPC is £600 and for the CPC is £500 but we combine the two and do it for £1000 or as i said you can do a taster day to see if you are going to get the bug and that will be deducted from the full course price. If you have any other questions or want to speak to Mark about anything then you can call him on 07774856056 or email.

Please contact Sian for all the information needed to book a EP or CP course: sianleavesley@yahoo.com

We are the only school that gives all our students a life time membership to our Team/ Club free of charge that costs pilots £300 per year to be members of, we give this free of charge to students starting with us from day one. This means when you are all passed out and are a proud owner of your BHPA CP membership and rating your not on your own as you can stay with Mark and his team and be part of an on going club that looks after you for ever more, we also have many meal nights and parties as well as our weekends away fly/camping, you know with confidence you will always be looked after and sold from us the best gear for your needs.
We are a UK TEST CENTRE for Niviuk paragliders as well as most others so when you need your flying kit we have it all here ready for you to demo then purchase when ready.


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