Here are some testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

"Always a privilege to fly alongside one of the best pilots out there!" - Bear Grylls.


"Just writing to say thank you to you and Mark for a wonderful day on Thursday when I had my tandem flight on the Longmynd.
I had been looking forward to it for some time but it was even better than I imagined. A bit nervous at first but Mark put me at my ease and I really enjoyed the flight. The views were magnificent.
It was great meeting you both on the day and thanks for all your help in booking the flight." - Richard (Flown August 2017 from the Long Mynd Hill).


"Lovely to meet you and Mark today. I just wanted to thank you both for a fantastic day. The flight was amazing - well worth the wait!" - Carole (Flown 13/4/17 from the Long Mynd Hill).


"It was lovely to meet you both too. Please give my thanks to Mark. I am very impressed by his video which will provide me with many great memories of a fantastic experience. And thanks once again to both of you for arranging this experience, I certainly would recommend it." - John & Tracy.


"Thought I would drop you an email to thank you for a wonderful experience I had this evening, as you have said all along its best to wait for the right weather so that you can enjoy the flight. I don't think I've stopped grinning yet & its been over 6 hours since we landed. It was more than a flying experience with the running commentary of what we where doing and how to find lift on different parts of the hill, I would really be up for a " Full Beans" experience after the adrenaline junkie package I tried today. Once again I would like to say thanks to you both for the wonderful time I've had, I would recommend you to anyone thinking of trying a Paragliding experience. Happy landings. (One very happy customer)." - Owen Evans (Flown March 2017).


"Just like to thank Mark & yourselves for the brilliant experience you gave our son Dan on the 4th Nov 2016 from the long mynd hill, he enjoyed it so much. After our weekend away we enjoyed watching the video and looking at the photos, he never stopped smiling." - Sue (Flown on 4th November 2016).


"I just want to say thank you for my paragliding experience earlier today. I had such a wonderful day and I would definitely recommend you to anyone! You and your wife are such lovely people and made me instantly feel at ease :)" - Brittany (Flown on 18th February 2016).


"Thanks for the amazing tandem paragliding from Corndon Hill today. The flight and experiencing your wonderful company was a great experience that will stay with me for ever. To fly in such beautiful countryside in winter with blue skies and snow on the distant hills was truly awesome. I highly recommended Mark who is a very professional guy whose main aim is for his guests to enjoy their paragliding experience." - (Flown on 20th January 2016 from Corndon Hill).


"Thank you so much for a cracking experience today, it will live with me for ever and very vividly thanks to your acrobatics - fabulous!" - Eric (Flown on 12th August 2015 from Corndon Hill).


"Mark just wanted to say thanks for an amazing day today, was awesome! Many thanks & I'll no doubt see you again for another flight hopefully. Take it easy Mark." - Stuart Jos & Craig (All 3 flew from Corndon Hill on 12th August 2015).


"We both wanted to say a big thank you for what is probably the most wonderful experience we have had. To fly above the Shropshire hills and be able to see Wales in the distance was truly amazing.
You were fantastic and put us both at our ease and made the experience unforgettable. Thank you so much." - Claire and Earl (Flew from the Long Mynd Hill 25th July 2015).


"We finally made it! Thank you for a super experience, a really enjoyable flight. For a very nervous wimp like me your calm and encouraging manner helped tremendously to allay my fears. Thank you once again." - Dawn and Vernon (16th July 2015).


"Would just like to say a big thank you for the paragliding experience! I brought the voucher through Buy a Gift for a my partner, for his birthday. He absolutely loved it ! We were very lucky that the first date booked all went ahead. Thank you so much for your time, and i have left a 5 star review on Buy a Gift. It looked that good im considering a go myself, and we have recommended to others. Thanks again." - Kerry (10th July 2015).


Flight done on the 18th Feb 2015 after a 1 year wait but we honoured it because that's what we do!
I just wanted to say thank you for my tandem flight on Friday. I really enjoyed it , circling high over the Long Mynd in the thermals with red kite was a once in a lifetime experience which I will not forget. I really did feel like a bird myself. It had been a long wait , with many cancelled flights due to weather conditions, at one point I thought it would never happen but in the end it was well worth it and the experience exceeded my expectations. Thanks very much!" - Amanda (Bridgnorth).


"Wow what an experience!!!! My children booked this Tandem paraglide as a Father's Day present for their Dad; 3 times we booked but due to bad weather, never got off the ground. It was at the venue on the 3rd time whilst waiting to see if the wind would pick up, that we were talking to Mark who mentioned he was off to France later that week. We were also travelling to France the same day for our summer holidays albeit a different area. Unfortunately, the wind didn't pick up and our session was again cancelled, Mark said that if we could get over to where he would be in France he would honour the tandem flight there (weather depending). We were able to travel to this area and despite Mark being unfit to fly he still arranged for someone else to provide the Tandem flight and wow what a flight!!!! I would recommend this experience to anyone, Leavesly Aviation is a very professional outfit and in fact I will soon be booking my 10 year old son a Tandem experience with him. Thanks again for arranging Paul to go up with Biere (not sure I've spelt her name correctly), he had an amazing time and will never forget the experience. I will be in touch soon as my boys want to have a go now." - Sara Campbell.


"Just a note to say how brilliant the trip was last week. Breath taking experience at 3,000ft over the Shropshire Hills and I was so impressed by your professionalism and skill. I'd recommend the trip to anyone (I already have to my mates)” - Richard Lawson.


"Hi Mark, just wanted to contact you to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for a fantastic experience tandem paraglyding on the 26/03/14.
My Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I must say you made the experience. You make the customer your priority and you thrive on making sure that everyone has the best flight. From two women who have no clue at all, you could of got away with gliding and dropping us off at the bottom, but no!!! you had patience and waited for the weather to change to give us the best.
Bishop Castle is a lovely village and everyone we spoke to spoke very highly of you. It was so nice to meet Sian too :-) I will highly recommend you to friends and family and look foword to the next flight. All the best and good luck in moving house." - Eirian and Marian Ellinson.


"We’ve e-mailed so many times trying to get organised, we thought we’d better just send one more to say thank you very much for our experiences on Tuesday afternoon. It was very special, and it proves the old adage that “it comes to those who wait” - Richard and Penny Durance.


"Long awaited flight finally happened - what an amazing day! Would definitely recommend to anybody. Mark is a fab instructor, nothing too much trouble, and absolutely brilliant over all the cancellations and re-arrangements! Thank you Mark :)" - Damian from Derbyshire.


"After several cancellations due to weather conditions that are way out of the control of Mark I finally got my flight today and it was well worth waiting for. His sole intention was to give me a great flight with our safety being paramount. He succeeded, it was absolutely fantastic with a bonus adrenalin rush at the end. If you are thinking about trying this stop thinking and give him a call I can’t recommend this enough. If it gets cancelled it’s done for the right reasons trust him." - Andy, Bicester. Oxford flown on the 22/9/13


"After a couple of failed attempts, because of unsuitable weather conditions, it came as a great surprise when a window of opportunity suddenly presented itself and we took to the air. What an experience! Everything was perfect. A beautiful balmy summer day with fantastic visibility. Soaring to great heights with Sonya squealing to the thrill of coming back to earth with a nicely executed series of tight turns. A perfect day with memories that will last us for the rest of our lives. " - Tom and Sonya


"On Friday 07/06 met up with Mark on Cordon Hill. It was looking like we could not fly due to the wind, but then we had a break in the weather, what an awsome time I had. I can't thank you enough just be prepaired to get the bug. I just need my license and glider now better get saving. Cheers." - Ste Golborne


"I recently did the paragliding with Mark, it was a fantstic experience, well worth travelling the distance to get to Shropshire and experience the beautiful countryside from 2000ft! Mark went far and beyond to make sure that everyone had a good paragliding experience that day - definitley recommended!" - Mark from Nottinghamshire


"Just watched video....absolutely amazing! Money well spent. Can't thank you enough!! Tandem paragliding flight done on Sunday 21/10/12." - Marie Hillman


"I have been paragliding since the early 1990 and originally learnt with Airplay Arizona run by Dixon White, arguably one of the finest US instructors of his time. I recently had the good fortune to spend a few days in Spain with Mark Leavesley who has many similar qualities to Dixon, plus his own unique modern approach to paragliding instruction. Mark is a fantastic pilot and his enthusiasm is infectious but above all he is a great instructor and these combined skills help the pilot to belief in their own ability. There are of course many good instructors out there but if you want to be a better pilot and safely increase your air miles I would certainly recommend taking a closer look at Leavesley Aviation." - Steve Hill UHPC


"Many thanks for the flying on Tuesday. It was great to get up in the air, even if it was a bit strong! I very much appreciated your guidance. You have a very good style for instruction and quite obviously immense experience and skill to pass on. Your enthusiasm for the sport is outstanding. So I certainly look forward to more. I learned a lot, and had fun!" - Nick Putnam


"Just had my most amazing days flying and can't stop smiling. I used to hate reading about people like me but on Wednesday 11th I had my 1st XC from the Mynd, I don't know quite how I managed it but 4hrs later landed just past Evesham! 81.5km!(straight line).
I must have picked up more than I realized on them trips to Bulgaria with Mark, cheers mate!" - Steve Watts


"I can’t agree more with you Phil B, Marks skill at judging the weather systems and expert teaching skills allowed me to achieve what I would have thought to be impossible, having only passed my CP in March/April of this year and not had a chance of flying since.
The mountain looked enormous going up in the chair lift so I was a little apprehensive to say the least, but Mark soon put me at ease and sent off into the wide blue yonder – BRILLIANT.
I cannot praise Mark enough for instilling the confidence I was lacking.
I finished up beating all my personal bests and much more all adding to my confidence in the air.

Bravo Mark and best of luck with the future guiding holidays, I will certainly be back and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a cheap holiday and expert guiding.

Oh and not forgetting Phil B and James who assisted Mark, great work and many thanks.

Look forward to catching up with you guys again." - Bernie (The Eagle)


"Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mark for all his energy and hard work over the last two weeks in Bulgaria.

I have never seen such enthusiasm and energy put into guiding! Mark worked his sox off to maximise the enjoyment and learning of his clients, what ever the standard of the pilot on arrival. He is brilliant at observing a pilot and then giving the right advice in a friendly way.

How he can talk a pilot 2,000ft above his head into a thermal, I will never know! Bionic thermal seeking sight maybe?" - Phil B.


"Having only met Mark once briefly on the hill before my trip to Bulgaria I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of guiding but no worries there, Marks enthusiastic approach and air to air coaching really worked for me, helping me to break my PB's in both height and distance! Even on our none flyable days I still learnt a bundle from the many flying and ground handling tips available. Many thanks Mark, top notch guiding, can't wait for the next one!" - Steve Watts



Leavesley Aviation - The number 1 Guiding Centre ..... not 'arf..

Mark 'does what it says on the tin' and gives a master class in ground handling and thermalling.

Brilliant holiday, excellent company, lovely country and a steep personal learning curve. what more can you ask for.

I'm already working on the wife for leave of absence for the next trip(s)" - Ken Gowler


"I first meet mark when trying to find out more about paragliding over 6years ago. His enthusiasm for flying was infectious ... after taking my lessons and passing club pilot, Mark helped and advised me tremendously. He was especially helpful (and incredibly patient) with ground handling, he taught me how to thermal (which is not really covered in the CP qualification) either from the ground or air to air via radio.

But I think the biggest things i learnt was while on tandem flights with him. To experience the feel of the glider and the air while you are flying with someone explaining what is happening or you are feeling while it happens allows you to move forward in your flying quite dramatically. I believe this is one of the best teaching products any new pilot could experience.

I have been on 3 holiday trips with Mark which were all great fun, we had great flying and learnt loads at the same time." - Luke Platypuss


"Writing to say that after a few tips from Mark on strong wind take off's using A & Cs risers it has been a great help, with him assisting you till you get it correct.
We then had a couple of flights on his new tandem to get spacer bar & harness set up correctly, when this was done we had a ridge run flight at the Long Mynd, then spotting a couple of red kites out front headed to them and was talked through thermaling techniques while at the controls.
On the way back to landing Mark doing some big wing overs (optional!!)
I could recommend this guiding/tandem flight as there is always something you can learn, especially if you are taught from a top pilot.

A worth while day." - Andrew Johnson


"Mark was advising and guiding our BCC team (I wasn’t in it, but Judith was), so he hung around so we could all fly together. This worked really well – flying in a small gaggle, with one or two other people, meant we could work the thermals really well, and there were some gliders ahead of us as thermal markers. The sky was excellent, and there was plenty of lift, and it was, for most of the flight, reasonably smooth. Mostly Mark led out, once or twice I went first, but really it was a fairly easy day with clearly defined clouds to go for." - Geoff Minshal


"Flying with Mark was brilliant. He’s incredibly generous in the air and he waited for us at points to make sure we could carry on together. He also showed us just what an incredible thermaller he is. He’s offered people in the LMSC XC coaching/guiding and I don’t understand why people are not biting his hand off – it was a great learning experience as well as a giggle at cloudbase." - Judith Mole


"There’s nothing to boost your confidence quite like having your own skygod for the day!

Having a couple of year’s flying experience but no confidence to leave the lift-band I was excited to hear (the) Mark Leavesley was offering guiding days. He suggested a tandem first and a swift thousand foot later he was pointing out little fluffy clouds that looked days away to me and saying ‘we could reach those from here…’ It’s his calm and confidence – you believe it really is possible when Mark says it.

The UK weather being what it is, you need all the help to get airborne you can find. A day’s guiding with Mark is the perfect intro to local sites – and you might even get an intro to the local pubs thrown in!

We keep finding people on the hill with a story to tell about Mark disappearing into the skies when no-one else can leave the ground. So to get a chance at him waiting for you, mapping out the thermals as he goes… not one to turn down! I don’t doubt that this summer I will escape the hill clinging and venture out - with a little help from my skygod…" - Claire, CP+3


"A perfect first flight

My daughter arranged for Mark to take me on an introductory tandem flight for my 60th birthday. One fine day in October found me walking off a hill and flying straight up, following birds and overtaking circling sailplanes! I remember flying above my daughter with Mark waving with both hands to show he'd let me have a go on the controls. She took off in her wing to try to follow but couldn't keep up! Out over the valley with surely no chance of return, then up to the cloud base, and the best part of an hour later we float back to land exactly where we left in time for Mark to pickup his kids from school. A perfect first flight." - John Edwards, 61 years


"I was so jealous when John had his tandem with Mark. But my turn was well worth waiting for. The take-off was so painless, and we went way above the other flyers. Watching birds of prey from above, finding the thermals they used and turning into them to go up even further was thrilling. It was magical. The whole experience was such fun and really memorable. The landing was especially brilliant. From high up above the others, Mark said ‘You see that paving slab down there?’ ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘We’re going to land on that’. And minutes later, while other flyers were aiming for a field or a hill, we did. It was so incredible. I always laugh out loud in amazement when I think about it. Wow! And Mark lent me his camouflage helmet." - Nancy


"Mark Leavesley has won the LMSC PG XC league (447.3km), as well as being the highest placed LMSC pilot in the national league. Mark had a really relaxed attitude to the league this year, flying for fun and doing a lot of flights with less experienced pilots, slowing down to help and mentor them on the flight. It’s a credit to his immense flying skills that he won the LMSC XC league while helping others to achieve long flights and then going off and adding more kilometres after they had gone down. Well done!"


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